Meet SUBTLE – Our New Design

SUBTLE is an excellent name for this design because the definition of SUBTLE is as varied as the interpretations of the meaning of Raised Fist. 

Given the heavy correlation between rock music and the Raised Fist, we could have easily just named it Fist and made it an extension of our ROXK line.  

It certainly has a place in that line but just putting it there would be an insult to the versatility and applicability of this design.

The Meaning of SUBTLE

The word SUBTLE has multiple definitions on illustrating the variability and versatility of the word.  We believe that this design aligns well with several of these definitions.

  1. thin, tenuous, or rarefied, as a fluid or an odor
  2. fine or delicate in meaning or intent; difficult to perceive or understand
  3. delicate or faint and mysterious
  4. requiring mental acuteness, penetration, or discernment
  5. characterized by mental acuteness or penetration
  6. cunning, wily, or crafty
  7. insidious in operation

Why We Named It SUBTLE

The name SUBTLE fits this well compared to our other designs as it puts imagery at the forefront relegating FuXk to minor if noticeable role.

Other than the image being a Raised Fist (it may even take a few second for someone to figure that out) the imagery lacks context and the various interpretations of the Raised Fist leave it open for interpretation.

The lack of context creates curiosity about its meaning - that's SUBTLE.

The striking color (more to come!) stimulates mental acuteness and curiosity - that's SUBTLE.

The design is fine and delicate in meaning or intent and may be difficult to perceive or understand - that's SUBTLE.

It's also cunning, wily, and crafty.


SUBTLE & Fun under Xtreme konditions

In future blogs, we will explore various interpretations of the Raised Fist and how SUBTLE aligns to our brand in multiple, different ways.

If you are into rock music and have been to a Metallica show, you already have one sense of alignment.

But there’s others.

They may not jump right out to you…well…because

They’re SUBTLE

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